Missouri COVID-19 Update 

External Links

- Aggregate news search for Missouri COVID-19, which sorts articles by date and filters out stories about Missouri City, Texas


- DHSS Data hub [use this link if you’re on a desktop]:


- DHSS data hub [use this link if you’re using a mobile device or tablet]:


Missouri Nursing Home Cases, with interactive map (unfortunately, this is pretty dated, and in some cases not accurate, but it's all we've got)


- Hospitalization data  [Note: it is not always clear how many hospitals are contributing to this report. Also, consider reviewing 06/22 and 06/23 updates in my post history.]


- Testing and Tracing data, per state

- New York Times data for college and university cases across the US

- County-level hospitalization, positivity rate, reproductive number, and more (this was supposed to be in real-time, but looks to only be updated once a week. Also I'm not sure how comprehensive the hospitalization data is, but, it's' something)