Missouri COVID-19 Update

Donation Page

Thank you for stopping by and for considering a donation. 


The intent of this project was not and has not ever been based on an expectation or the potential for revenue. I have been approached close to two dozen times with advertisement proposals from businesses across the state, which I have turned away each and every one of them. With the exception of a three day period when my daughter was born, I have provided the Missouri COVID-19 Update every day since March 19th, and on average it takes me just under 3 hours from start to finish. As time has progressed, the project has taken up more and more of my time, but I do try to identify ways and implement changes to be more efficient, when possible.  I am often asked "how long will you do this?", or, "how long can you do this?", to which I respond with "I have no idea".


I currently have no plans to stop providing the daily updates. I am just, kind of, rolling with it as the pandemic presses on. I have a number of commitments that come before this project, but thus far, everything has been manageable.


I am fortunate to have a wife who appreciates and supports the project, and who is willing to do more than her half of parental responsibilities on the nights that take more time. If at any time this begins to wear her thin, I will certainly have to scale back.

I am fortunate to still be employed, even as the work I do has scaled down tremendously since the beginning of the pandemic. Should my employment situation change, I would need to take a look at that, as well.

While I consider myself to be emotionally resilient, I also need to be mindful of my own self-care. With no shortage of individuals who believe the pandemic is a hoax, there are certainly good days and bad days, as far as my engagement and enthusiasm are concerned. I believe I continue to be in a place where I can provide the update without giving too much of myself, but should that change, I would have to keep a closer eye on how much time I can safely allocate.


It is important to me that before you donate, you are aware of the following items:

- As noted above, I am not willing to make a commitment or provide a timeline for the sustainability of the project. If certain situations change, I would have to either scale back or stop entirely.

- The data I visualize is publicly available. Literally anyone with a computer could find the data I provide.

- The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a financial toll on just about everyone, shy of maybe Jeff Bezos. Please, please, please do not donate any amount if your situation has the potential to shift and place you into a situation where you might need capital. 

If you would like to donate, I ask that you pause to reflect on this information prior to doing so. 

Also, after a few requests, I have set up a venmo account. @holloweezy or click here